Reduction Woodcutting Class with Dan Gottsegen

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Learning to go LIVE!

    This blog is named “Upper Valley LIVE!” But what does it mean to be LIVE? To risk? To explore? To go outside our comfort zone? Perhaps it’s all these things. When we are not hiding away, when we do something in front of others, we take a risk - we go LIVE!

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    This weekend I took a class in reduction woodcut at the Two Rivers Printmaking Studio in White River Junction with Dan Gottsegen. The other students in class had years of experiences with printing and art. Me? I’m an artist wannabe. No experience and little knowledge!

    There was a tinge of terror as the group discussed printing techniques from around the world. Yes, I’ve been around the world, but they were speaking a foreign language.

     As Dan showed us examples of his own work and the work of the masters, I gained confidence in my understanding of what I might try to create. Although I foolishly mixed oil based paint with water based paint, my mishaps let me to realize that I was simply there to learn. And learn I did! I was LIVE in the printmaking studio!

     Take a class!  Learn something new! Go LIVE!! 

 Two Rivers Printmaking Studio in White River Junction

The artists busy at work!

The results of my labors. They are NOT good examples of art, but I learned, had fun, and was LIVE!


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