Keep Cozy and Stay Sane: Comfort Food and Drink

In the winter I like cozy food, often the kind that has cheese on it, or in it.  Ohhh, and a bowl of creamy soups with crunchy bread always hits the spot.  Everyone has a different comfort food to cuddle up with and munch on while watching a favorite show.  Here are some places to get different yummy foods around the Upper Valley.

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The results are in for the best place around to get sticky buns (hint hint, a good bet is to go somewhere in Hanover...). 

Sticky buns

King Arthur in Norwich was voted the best.  They have a wide selection of tasty pastries, as well as a breakfast and lunch menu people rave over. Stay awhile, enjoy the cozy atmosphere and maybe grab something to make at home later like the peaches and cream scones or peppermint frosted brownie mix from the store.  

Lou's in Hanover came in a close second.  I love their donuts, so I'll have to try their sticky buns sometime.  I hear their breakfast is fabulous too.  A local favorite right on Main St. in Hanover.  If you haven't stopped in, you definitely should.  Don't want to drive to Hanover?  You might be lucky and see their baked goods being sold around town.  I got a donut from Lou's at Jake's Coffee in Lebanon before.

Umpleby’s in Hanover on a quiet side street (South Street) in Hanover is another favorite.  Enjoy a sticky bun or a yummy croissant.  Oh and how about maple brioche toast?  Yum.  Check out their blog on their main page too, some interesting articles related to food.

Market Table in Hanover has a great selection of baked goods.  I had a layered cookie dessert there that I wish I could have again.  I even searched the internet for something similar because it reminded me of bakewell tarts from England.  Maybe it's a regular cooke.  I'll have to find out.  Anyway, not only are their desserts good, but so are their sticky buns.  As a side note, dinner is really good here too.

Woodstock Farmer’s Market Specialty Grocery Store in Woodstock.  When I first heard the name I thought it was a winter farmer's market, but apparently it's a store.  They have daily specials and this looks great for soups and sandwichs (like a Thai chicken sandwich yum).  Try their sticky buns and let me know what you think.

More Sweets 

Who doesn't love chocolate?  Read about my tasting of Burdick's in Walpole (I know a bit away) or other places a short drive away to get more local chocolate.  

Cupcakes anyone?  See where you can buy or order some tasty cupcakes here or see how they compare when I did a tasting here.  You can also get custom cakes, cake pops, and other treats from these bakers recommended by locals.  There are even shops that sell cannoli, though I would call ahead before you venture out to one to make sure they have some freshly made.

Looking for other comfort foods?


Here are locals favorite spots to get coffee.  King's Row coffee and Hanover and Lucky Shop Cafe in Lebanon I'm sure would've made the list too.  

Hot Chocolate

 I love hot chocolate!  Here are some local places to indulge.  I hear the Morano Gelato's is rich like 'drinking a melted chocolate bar.' Yum!   

Appetizers, Meals, and More

 I'm all about spinach and artichoke dip.  I love the stuff at Ramunto's in Claremont with the tasty pita bread and chips, and I've enjoyed it at Molly's too with crusty bread.  Mmm.  This would be my go to comfort food!

A bowl of soup and a sandwich would be my next idea.  If I want to venture away from grilled cheese and tomato soup, I might try one of these top recommendations for made to order sandwiches.  I particularly liked Mike's turkey gobbler - yum!  

A lot of people have their own comfort foods like Ziggy's mac and cheese or a Phnom Penh sandwich, both of which I think are delightful.  Here are a list of top menu items people recommend for your next comfort food craving.

Last but not least, there is a lot of interest in knowing where to get some good wings, which might be especially applicable as the Super Bowl gets closer. 


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