Rebuttal - Book Review Rips Norwich

Book Review Rips Norwich reported on Brianne Goodspeed’s condemnation of Norwich, VT as being against affordable housing.  

Ernie Ciccotelli penned a thoughtful response on the listserv and agreed to let me repeat it here with minor edits: 
Ms. Goodspeed makes some good points, while completely misunderstanding the concerns about so-called affordable housing held by at least some of those opposed to the zoning changes that would permit developer-driven affordable housing. Ms Goodspeed does not understand that many of us opposing the zoning change are not opposed to affordable housing, per se, but are opposed to affordable housing used as an excuse to permit developers to have their way with the Town's lands. And as things have developed, it has become absolutely clear that the purpose of building affordable housing is to fabricate a pretext that plays on the Town's people more humane instincts. Without such a pretext, it is highly likely that the Town's people will not be conned into approval of unnecessary, unsustainable for-profit development on a scale not seen before in Norwich. Affordable housing is a pretext, not the prime mover for the zoning changes.

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