Why 'How' posts work

I don’t know about you, but when I’m shopping for a local service or product, I want to buy from someone I know and trust. That’s why posts that demonstrate your expertise and judgment are a great way to tell their story. 

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Here are several good examples, and what I liked about them:

5 questions to ask your roofer: Each of the answers to these questions gives a sense of HP Roofing’s values and expertise. They’re useful to me, as a reader, because they tell me things I don’t know. They list the cons of roofing products as well as the pros. My favorite tip: don’t let one or two bad online reviews turn you off, but do look for 5-10 good reviews for every bad one -- and ask the business for their side of the story on the negatives. Their answer will tell you a lot.

Three common beauty care issues and how to deal with them: The founder of Flourish makes all-natural products from local sources, but in sharing these tips her storyteller doesn’t push what she’s selling. Instead, she explains what causes the issues in the first place and what to look for -- or avoid -- in considering remedies. Sounds like a vendor I can trust!

Make our Lavender Collins: Silo Distillery makes vodka, but rather than sell vodka in this post, Silo shares a tip about using it -- with a drink recipe. How-to posts are a great way to tell your story. They’re useful, so readers value them. They can be fun, so readers enjoy them. And they show that your business is an expert in their field. Readers who get that message will turn to your business when the time comes.  

Solutions for One of Parenting's Biggest Challenges: High marks for creativity on this one! Every young parent is living through the challenge of getting their kids to eat. Tapping into the wisdom of kitchen store customers about overcoming this challenge makes perfect sense. It’s useful information, and it reflects well on the kitchen store and its connection to customers and their needs.


Did you notice that two of the three posts have a number in their title? Lists are great ways to structure a post -- and numbers in titles are a great way to get reads.


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