Read 6 'What' examples

The goods and services that businesses sell have two homes on DailyUV.

One is the Market. It’s where users who want to browse or buy hang out. Effective Market posts have one or more good images and a clear title. They can be straightforward or clever -- but they need to answer two basic questions: what’s for sale, and why is it worth buying. Be factual, but don’t hold back -- Market posts are sales pitches.

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Here are three good examples:

Adjustable Skates Grow with Your Skater

NEW! Local Eggnog Latte

20% off Puzzles at Nature Calls/Bonkers!

Goods and services can also make good stories -- if you’re creative in how you approach them. The trick is remembering that users who filter for Stories expect to be informed or entertained, not sold. Stories get the most readership of any content on the site, and more comments too, so these are readers worth reaching -- if you can find the story behind the good or service.

Here are three examples that show how:

Avocado Seeks Human for Quiet Meals Together and Potential Long-Term Relationship

5 Things that Made Me Smile

So What is CBD Anyway?


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