Show ‘Why’ Your Business Shines

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Even in a small area, most businesses have competitors -- so posts that show why users should choose your business is as good as gold.

Why would I choose one business over another?

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Because the people who work there like their jobs -- and their customers. Whether you walk into a store, or a plumber comes to you, dealing with a local business is a social experience. It’s like visiting a good neighbor. Show readers your client’s personality and values with a post like this: Epic Battle in Norwich.

Because another customer had a good experience. Connect with a satisfied customer, and send the customer four questions by email. Ask for a picture of the customer, make sure you have their permission to publish their name and answers, and post!

Here’s a great example: The Cobbler Who Saved the Christmas Coats.

Because the business cares about the same things I care about. Consider this post: The Government Refused to Ban This Pesticide. Here Are Some Local Farms Who Won’t Use It.

That title is so long! But it grabs my attention -- and the post delivers solid, factual information about the pesticide along with a list of local farmers who avoid it. This post was published by the Co-op Food Stores. It barely mentions the Co-op, but it sure tells you where the Co-op comes from. And that -- aside from the pesticide -- is the point.


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