Recapturing that old enthusiasm

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Paul B.T. Hyson

Recapturing that old enthusiasm


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Before we get started I thought I’d take a moment to describe one of the lesser-known methods that I use in my readings, the key card.  Those of you who are not familiar with this technique may wonder what it’s purpose is and how I derive it. The key card is intended to add further insight in to the reading, to reveal hidden aspects to it, and to act as, yes, a key for further understanting. To get the key card, one first adds up the total of the numbers in the cards in the spread, with unnumbered cards like the court cards counting as zero. If the total matched the number on a major, then that card is the key card, if not, then add the numbers themselves in that number until you get a number that matched a major. For exampke, 11 would indicate Justice as the key card, while 56 would indicate the same as 5+ 6 = 11.

This week we’re using a deck just given to me by a friend, the Hanson Roberts Tarot.

First card- universe/big picture-ten of wands- a burden, possible taking on someone else’s while neglecting one’s own responsibilites, or taking on something beyond one’s current ability.  Regardless, always remember with this card that the burden is self-inflicted and that acknowledging that is key to overcoming it.

Second- point of view- seven of pentacles- work taken on with little gain, losses may be incurred with may not be important to the final outcome, but, regardless, there will be no gains either under current circumstances.

Both of these seem in alignment, so let’s see where they meet.

Third- the meeting point of the first two- three of cups- usually seen as a card of fun and celebration, it always comes with the caveat of moderation- too much fun can lead to waste and lost efforts.  Perhaps here we find the key element to the above situation.  Is something being overlooked, perhaps too many little time wasters add up?  

Goodness knows this has been a problem with me.  I wasted some time even while typing this very blog post...

Fourth- active influences- three of pentacles- a card of constructive work, with some relation to supervisory figures (or concepts?)- a work environment card to be certain

Fifth- passive influence-.ace of cups- dep emotions, joy- related to the three above?  Fun is great, but, again, in moderation. Don’t get too distracted, difficult as that may prove in this day and age.

Sixth- current, where things are going or can be directed- nine of pentacles-a place of comfort and safety, an environment that one feels control in.  Perhaps too comfortable?  

Seventh- comment on the spread-  five of swords- her we find conflict. In the standard images for this card, a troublemaker wins, the others just walk away. This need not imply actual people though, it could represent concepts, elements in one’s world, or even parts of the self.

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- four of swords- stepping out of the situation and taking a break to bring clarity.  Clarity of course, bringing renewed perspective, the key to overcoming the situation in the first card?

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- page of wands- Energetic, striking out for something new.  Perhaps in the role of the means of manifestation of desire, the rest implied n the previous card does indeed bring a renewed perspective, rekindling enthusiasm?

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- justice- Balance, equilibrium, ebb and flow, gibve and take, all things in moderation, as implied from the first few cards in the spread, tying it all together.

Key card (remember how we got this?)-Strength- the proper harnessing of energies towards one’s goals.  This seems to fit this reading perfectly.

Three pentacles, fitting the focus on practical work

Two swords, cups, wands- most other suits in balance with each other, except...

One major, which, as the most abstract, may not play an important role in and of itself.

Two threes here, the number representing ideas just beginning to form but not in a comprehensible aspect yet. String of three, four, and five, bringing the idea in to more comprehensive form and in to sharper focus but not as a solid idea yet.  

WRJ Tarot Musings out. See you all next week!


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