Norwich and the Pink Hat Mystery

Submitted a year ago
Created by
Lee Michaelides

Friday night the Norwich gateway sign was outfitted with a pink hat. Click here to see the photo and read the original post.

Who knit the giant hat? Who put it on the sign? We don't know, but the person or persons left a clue. A note was attached to the back of the hat. The note read:

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"This is honoring the anniversary of the Women's March. It will be removed my Monday A.M. Please leave it as it is doing no harm. Thank you.

Sadly, the hat was removed on Saturday. Another mystery. Who took the hat? Was it one of the trolls who left negative comments about it on Facebook? Or maybe someone with a really big head needed a really big hat? 

We asked Police Chief Doug Robinson if the video camera aimed at the sign might show who took the hat. The chief didn't need to play the video. He already knew who had the hat.

The hat was removed by the officer on duty under Robinson's directions. Robinson said that some people found the hat "offensive."


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