Last Day: Vermont Syrup Flows—in Florida

When what to my wondering eyes should appear . . . ? Could it be maple syrup?

Last week I wrote about the Farmers Market in Sanibel, Florida. Today is my last Sunday on the island and we braved the hunt for a parking space to fill the fridge with more guava turnovers, fresh papayas and mangos, a single fat crab cake. In our divide and conquer strategy, I stood in line for “the world’s best guacamole” (it is), while my husband wandered off in search of empanadas.

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Amid the more tropical offerings, I was bemused when I first saw the sign for maple syrup, and then gobsmacked when I saw that the sweet stuff was from Cabot, Vermont. Ian and Caitlin Ackermann and their son Blake were behind the counter, selling their syrups from the Ackermann Maple Farm. Both adult Ackermanns were born and raised in Cabot and have been maple farming there since 2013. The farm consists of 148 acres and 10,000 maple trees.

The Ackermanns bring their syrup business to Florida each winter. As their sign says, they are saying farewell today to Sanibel and heading back to Vermont (I will soon be doing likewise) to get ready for the 2018 sugaring season. Sanibel Farmers Market aficionados, cash in hand, will await their return next December. 


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