Vermont Is Fifth In States Most Dependent On The US Government

Is that good or bad?

For every dollar Vermont sends to the federal government the State gets back $1.14. Mostly because of that, SmartAsset ranks Vermont fifth in States most dependent on the US government. New Hampshire is number 35. Connecticut is 50th. 

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Should we thank Senators Leahy and Sanders and Representative Welch? 

Here is the opening paragraph from Vermont Business Magazine, Vermont ranked fifth in dependence on federal government:  

In a new study, SmartAsset analyzed data across four metrics to find the states that are most dependent on the federal government, and Vermont ranks in the number five spot. Vermont ranks high in terms of federal funding compared to income taxes paid. For every dollar Vermont sends to the federal government the state gets back $1.14. In that metric, the Green Mountain State ranks sixth. Federal government employees are also big producers in the state’s economy. According to SmartAsset data, the average federal government employee makes 1.89 times what the average worker earns. Vermont ranks eighth in that metric. Vermont's lowest ranking is in percentage of federal workers in the labor force (tied for 33rd). Vermont ranked 18th in percentage of federal share of state revenue. 

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Graphic credit:  SmartAsset


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