Got Superhuman Tendencies? AVA Can Help.

Superman cut through metalusing his eyes. 

Imagine if you could harness the same power. Maybe not just with your eyes, but with your hands. And something called a plasma cutter (which is as cool as it sounds). 

Ever considered welding before? We can’t blame you. Last time you checked, you weren’t a welder. Last time you checked, the Upper Valley didn’t have anywhere you could go to learn the basics of cutting and joining metal and to treat it like an art form, turning it into something beautiful, your own. 

Did you know AVA Gallery now has a Metal Studio? Inside our brand-new Sculptural Studies Building, the space is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and stocked with the raw materials to get anyone—yes, you—started in the art of welding.

At AVA we like to say that through art you can do anything. We’re doubling down on that belief. Because now you can cut through metal.

And with great power comes great responsibility.

Students have been giving their Midas touch to animals and dragons, fun functional items like a plant stand and boot jack, origami-like and abstract forms using rod and sheet steel—just to scratch the metal surface of what's possible.

More good news: 

Registration for winter classes is still open! There’s room for you—and your teenager!—in one of many welding and soldering workshops:

Welding I teaches you the basics of welding, with a focus on safety procedures as you become familiar with heavy-duty tools like a MIG welder, plasma cutter, and oxyacetylene torch.

Welding II further hones your tool skills and you’ll express yourself through simple objects that celebrate form, texture, and their own aesthetic.

Welding for Women (I & II), because women should weld. – THIS CLASS IS FULL! And due to its popularity, we are looking to schedule a second session, so stay tuned.

Welding for Teens, because teens should weld—during winter break!

Soldering Basics for Artists is your gateway to understanding how metals heat and to making your own sculptures and jewelry.

All in the AVA Metal Studio. Register now!


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