Thirtsy Thursday
Ended February 01
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Can't wait! Two more days until our first Thirsty Thursday!

We love to have fun! Join us for a free tasting on Barone Fini Pinot Grigio and Blake Hill preserves. We will be offering a 10% discount during the tasting on Barone Fini and Blake Hill. Make sure to stop in and bring your friends! Below is a little more information on the products we will be tasting.

Barone Fini

Cultivating vineyards has been a family business since 1497 when the two noble Venetian families of Bonmartini and Fini united in marriage and began producing wine in northeastern Italy.

Today, the Bonmartini family, direct descendants of the Barone Finis, continue to manage this venerable property producing 150,000 cases per year.

In a region first cultivated by the Romans, wine production has continued without interruption for millennia, giving Barone Fini a pedigree and consistency that extend well beyond DOC specifications.

Cultivating grapes in as natural a manner as possible, Barone Fini specializes in producing just two varietals: Pinot Grigio and Merlot. Tonight we will be trying the Pinot Grigio

All of the fruit for Barone Fini is sourced from old vines and is hand harvested and subjected to rigorous hand sorting to ensure that only the best fruit is used.

Vinified in an ultra-modern winery located atop the ruins of an ancient Roman winery, Barone Fini adheres to the highest standards of production, while practicing a strict non-interventionist winemaking regime.

Long recognized for producing Pinot Grigio of the highest caliber, Barone Fini Pinot Grigio is crisp and clean, focused on the palate, with subtle fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and a lingering finish (DOC in 1975).

Blake Hill

Enjoy our collection of gourmet sweet and savory jams and marmalades created for the PERFECT CHEESE PAIRINGS.  Infused with honey, herbs / spice, and the finest liquors, every pairing is created to elevate the unique flavors of a particular type of cheese, and provide the perfect texture and stunning color for a well curated cheese plate.

Seven times Gold medal Winner at the World Marmalade Awards, we are truly passionate in the art of FINE MARMALADE MAKING.  All our marmalades are made from scratch using only the finest citrus and pure cane sugar.  We offer classic single-citrus marmalade varieties such as our Classic Fresh Sweet Orange marmalade, and our Gold winning Seville Orange, and Meyer Lemon marmalades, as well as a gourmet selection of marmalades infused with honey, liquors or spice such as our 2017 Gold winning "Meyer Lemon with Honey" or 2017 Bronze "Persian Lime & Coconut" marmalade.  We are obsessed with marmalade making - truly for the Marmalade Connoisseur.

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