Is the best border wall a legal marijuana market?

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The Vermont Legislature passed a bill, last week, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Vermont. Governor Phil Scott has said he would sign the the bill

Here is news of a study by economists that says the move by Vermont will reduce crime in Texas. The paper found that legalization of medical marijuana “led to a 12.5% reduction in violent crime in US states bordering Mexico.”

The best border wall is a legal marijuana market by Tim Fernholz appeared on Quartz on January 17 also opines: 
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These results back up decades of anecdotal evidence that suggest policies that target the supply of drugs don’t deter crime, but only increase their price and thus the incentive for trafficking. Effective interventions to reduce crime appear to divert producers into alternate lines of work, like growing corn; reduce demand for addictive substances through treatment; or, in the case of medical marijuana laws discussed here, by offering legal alternatives to purchasers.

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