DEC. 20, 2017 - Jan. 16, 2018


 -        Assessor filed Grand List with Property Valuation and Review (PVR).

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-        FYE17 Audit Compilation: Working with our audit firm to assist in providing any & all documents for them to review, complete, compile & prepare our financial statements:

  • Client Entries
  • Cleaning up historical items
  • Updating Fixed Asset Software with assets and correct depreciation method
  • OPEB Report – Other Post-Employment Benefits

 -        During calendar year 2017 the Fire Department responded to 1,983 calls for service.  There were 1,927 in 2016. This continues the upward trend in service demand.

 -        Helped Dispatch try and identify cause for outage this week with server.  Developed plan with Police/Fire/Dispatch on server migration.

 -        Members Advantage Community Credit Union continues to be the sponsor of the Parks & Rec program guide and the web page.  Recently they contributed $4,300 for sponsorship of the guide, web page and several of our winter, spring and summer programs.   They are great supporters of the Town of Hartford and its Parks & Recreation Department.

 -        Dothan Brook School started their enrichment program at the Wendell A. Barwood Arena.  The program offers children the opportunity to go skating.  This is similar to the skiing enrichment program at Quechee.  The first few weeks had over 50 children at each skate.  School staff provide learn to skate instruction along with games and activities during their visit.  The program runs Thursdays from 1pm to 2pm at WABA and will continue into February.

 -        Since our last Significant Activity Report from Parks & Rec on December 19th, the Department has received 703 registrations for programs.  This includes program registrations and all drop-in activities, generating over $11,000 in revenue.  Of this revenue, 34% were collected through on-line registrations using credit cards, 15% were transactions in the office using a credit card, and 51% were in-office cash and check transactions.

 -        We received word through the State of Vermont that they will begin working on the renovation of the Welcome Center in preparation of its move into the center room of the facility.  This new location will provide ease of access to the Amtrak Station which is part of the Welcome Center Staff responsibilities.

 -        We finalized the US Army Corps of Engineers permit application for Wrights Reservoir.  Everett Hammond from the Public Works was helpful in reviewing and providing technical information required in the permit.  The permit application was submitted on January 8th.

 -        Town Solar Projects – Construction underway for the DPW office building and WRJ Wastewater facility.  The VT Public Utility Commission denied the contractor’s request for an extension of the installation deadline for the WABA building.  Norwich Technologies is considering submitting an appeal of the denial.

 -        December 29th – Emergency Communications Specialists received a 911 call from a lost skier along one of the Quechee Lakes Cross Country Trails.  In addition to dispatching first responders, communications staff assisted resort personnel in working to quickly locate the skier unharmed.

 -        January 9th – 10th – The Police Chief participated in Grant Partner Orientation for the recently awarded Abuse in Later Life Grant released by the Office of Violence Against Women in Washington, DC.

 -        January 10, 2018 - the Water Department located a 100+ gallon per minute water leak at the municipal pool.  The line froze, broke and began leaking after the temperature warmed up. The line has been shut off.

 -        The Highway crew has been very busy plowing and salting from numerous snow and ice storms.  A summary of these storms are as follows:

  • 12/18/2017: Dusting of snow
  • 12/22/2017: 6” to 8” of snow
  • 12/25/2017: 8” to 10” Christmas Day storm
  • 1/4/2018: 8” to 10” snow
  • 1/13/2018: Sleet and freezing rain


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