PHOTOS: Drivers walk away from T-bone crash in downtown White River Junction

Snow had just begun to fall on Tuesday night when the crash occurred

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - The driver of a car that crossed in front of a pickup truck shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday evening while trying to turn from Maple onto Bridge Street in front of the Hartford Town Hall will receive a ticket for failing to yield, Hartford Police Officer Tom Howell said at the scene.

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    The resulting T-bone accident appeared to have totaled the silver Toyota driven by Kellen Raleigh, 31, of Hartford who sustained minor head injuries and, after initially being treated at the scene by a Hartford Ambulance crew, was taken by a relative to the hospital to be checked out further.

    The blue pickup was being driven by off-duty Hartford firefighter Mitch White who was not hurt in the collision.  The pickup sustained cosmetic damage to a bumper and a headlight but White was able to drive it from scene once the police investigation concluded.

    White said both he and Raleigh had green lights as they approached the intersection from opposite directions on Maple Street and he estimated he was traveling about 25 or 30 mph when Raleigh crossed in front of him.

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