All five "Operation Icebreaker" suspects now released on pre-trial conditions

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Undercover detectives bought heroin, bath salts, pills, and Suboxone strips over a period of months

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - All five of those arrested on Wednesday morning during a sweep of suspected drug dealers that the Windsor Police Department dubbed "Operation Icebreaker" made their way through the courthouse in White River Junction by Thursday afternoon and found themselves released on pre-trial conditions.

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        Chasity Forman, 41, of Windsor entered innocent pleas on Thursday to three felony counts of sale of narcotics for allegedly selling "bath salts" to Windsor Police detectives back in November and she also pleaded innocent to misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and possession of bath salts, charges that she picked up first thing on Wednesday morning as police raided her apartment on Court Street.

Chasity Forman, 41, of Windsor was sentenced to three-months "home confinement" two years ago after she and a boyfriend were busted with $50,000 worth of bath salts at a motel in White River Junction

    Windsor Police said that when they showed up Wednesday morning at Forman's residence with a search warrant they were met at the door by Heather Lord, 34, of Claremont who they said initially refused to let them inside while claiming that Forman was not home.

    Moments later police found Forman in the bathroom of the house and, after a brief struggle, got her onto the floor and handcuffed, according to police affidavits.  Officers said that when they searched Forman they found eight ounces of bath salts and over $800 in currency in one of the boots she was wearing.

    On Thursday Lord pleaded innocent to misdemeanor charges of providing false information to law enforcement and possession of bath salts.

    Police said both Lord and Forman allegedly tried to unload bath salts from their clothing onto the backseat of a police cruiser while they were in custody and being transported to the police station on Wednesday morning.

Heather Lord, 34, a life-long Claremont, New Hampshire resident was charged with possession of bath salts

     Jacqueline Bright, 23, of West Windsor pleaded innocent to three felony counts of sale of heroin stemming from undercover purchases detectives said they arranged to make from her at various locations around Windsor in September and October.   During one of those transactions, detectives said that Bright drove up with her two-year-old son in the backseat while she allegedly sold heroin.

    Speaking to a reporter at the courthouse on Thursday, Bright said she successfully completed a stint in rehab in December at the Valley Vista facility in Bradford.  Bright said she has been off drugs since that time and said she also stopped selling them and she expressed anger at having made that effort only to find herself getting arrested again this week for "things that happened in September."

    Bright also said she felt the Windsor Police Department was "corrupt" and concentrating its efforts on "small time dealers" instead of tackling the "big dogs" whom she said consistently supply large amounts of drugs to the region.

Jacqueline Bright, 23, of West Windsor is facing three counts alleging sale of heroin

    Steven Mann, 56, and his live-in girlfriend Leona Hunt, 37, had the most charges between them with Mann pleading innocent to four felony counts of sale of narcotics and Hunt pleading innocent to two of the same charges for allegedly assisting Mann on two occasions when detectives said they sent someone into the couple's residence on Main Street to purchase Suboxone strips.

    In an affidavit filed with the court, Windsor Police detectives wrote that Mann allegedly sold informants Suboxone, Clonazepam pills and marijuana during sting operations carried out in August, December, and again this past weekend.

    Detectives said that Hunt was involved in transacting two of the sales and on two occasions the couple also had a young child in the next room while drug sales were allegedly being carried out in the home.

    Hunt does not have a prior criminal record but Mann was convicted of felony cultivation of marijuana in 2016 for which he was ordered to pay a $1,500 fine.  

Steven Mann, 56, of Windsor is facing four felony counts for allegedly selling Suboxone strips

Mann's girlfriend, Leona Hunt, 37, picked up two felony charges for allegedly helping sell Suboxone from their Windsor home

Windsor Police said they purchased nearly 40 Suboxone strips from the couple during several undercover "buys"

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