A personal loss for this reader, and a reading about going places.

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Paul B.T. Hyson

First reading of the new year

I've wanted to add a little bit of extra tarot talk to my blog posts for a while. Write about influence, methods, maybe a some tarot history here and there.  

Right now I'd like to give you a bit of background. You may have noticed that I use a non traditional spread for my readings.  I use it mainly because the layout is designed to allow the cards to play off of each other and make the reading both tighter and more dynamic. This spread is called the Star of Babalon  (sic) and was created by a friend of mine, Maggie "Nema" Ingalls, an amazing, wise, and all around awesome lady who has been a big influence on me in a number of ways. Sadly, I've just received the news this morning that Maggie has passed on.   I'm still processing this but I know that her works will live on in those whose lives she's touched. Farewell, Ancient Party Women, we raise a glass to you. 

Let's put part of those works in to action and see what her spread can tell us this week.

This time around, we'll use the Haindl Tarot. Like the Thoth deck, the Haindl used Princess and Prince for Page and Knight, respectively.

First card- universe/big picture- 6 of Swords Challenges surmounted by work, moving on to better things
Second- point of view- Prince (Knight) of Pentacles- tenacious, responsible, methodical, I'd connect this with an approach to the work mentioned in the previous card. Bringing the two together we find...
Third- the meeting point of the first two- Princess (Page) of Wands, cleverness and enthusiasm, creativity, possible implications of "beginner's mind", the state of insight that comes with being new to a subject. Also a card associated with motion, leaving something behind to embark on a new adventure.  Interesting,in this deck, the image in the picture is the Hindu mythological figure Radha. Also interesting, my little black kitten, Dot, knocked this card off of the table three times when I had the spread laid out.
Fourth- active influences- 9 of Cups- a sense of fulfillment, finishing something but still remaining hungry for more.  
Fifth- passive influence-.Chariot- more journeys, processes, motion. We build our own Chariots, bringing together the elements that we need to get where we want to go. 
Sixth- current, where things are going or can be directed- Princess (Page) of Swords, sharp intellect with a young state of mind, also about bringing what's in one's mind in to reality. This one has shown up a few times in previous readings. 
Seventh- comment on the spread-  The Magician- my favourite card!  Will, intelligence and skill forged and directed, bringing the creative forces down and channeling them to fuel one's desires. 
Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- 3 of Swords- here's a bump on the way, fulfilling our will requires surmounting at least one more obstacle, but is it a self created one? An inner limitation, a belief holding us back?  
Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- 6 of Cups- wonder, holding on to one's world no matter where one is or what one's circumstances are. Some interpretations also connect this with wishes fulfilled. 
Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- Queen of Swords- she sees things clearly, for what they really are, though it may make her seem crazy to other people, she knows what's really going on. Maybe aiming her at that Three of Swords above is what brings our will in to reality? In this deck, the figure on the card in the Egyptian deity Nuit.
Key card-  Hierophant- questions of beliefs, the Hierophant is a teacher, translating more abstract ideas in to something more easily expressed and articulated, though that may diminish said ideas in the process- one risks losing something in the translation although there may be no other way to express it. Is this you, or someone that you know? Your teachers can point the way but it's still up to the student how to apply the ideas to their own lives
Much of this reading implies motion and working on new endeavours while leaving old things behind. Recent readings on this blog implied difficulties and obstacles, this one seems to be all about motion now. 

We have more Swords than any other suit- four out of ten. Swords are the suit of the mind.  Two Cups and Majors- emotion and Spirit in balance, with only one Wand (creativity, Will) and one Pentacle (material, manifestation). Lots of thinking going on even though we have a lot of cards implying motion in the spread too. We're going somewhere. 

Two sixes, which indicate balance, Swords and Cups, possibly indicating a balance of emotion and reason? Both in alignment and contributing the best of their qualities?
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