Russian Money Funneled to GOP
Vladimir Putin is on a worldwide campaign to encourage right wing authoritarian regimes and the destruction of democracies.  Examples include England, Eastern Europe – and the United States.  Since the GOP has made a hard-right turn, it has received more than its share or Russian money.  It’s not just about Trump, it’s about the entire GOP.

Have you been wondering why Republicans have been rallying to support Trump and are simultaneously attacking the Russia investigation?  Just why is the Republican crescendo rising in support of Trump while attacking Mueller and Christopher Steele (the Russia dossier), launching “investigations” of the Justice Department itself, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the so-called Obama uranium deal?  Is it just a distraction to help Trump? No. The GOP is trying to promote its authoritarian agenda and protect itself.

For quite a while, Republicans have been using Congress and government resources to attack and crush political opponents.  Yet the GOP has turned on a dime and is now attacking the Justice Department, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies.  And it appears that Putin is making good use of the Citizens United decision to funnel money into PACs that support others in the both Trump – and the GOP.

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Len Blavatnik, a key Putin proxy player rigging the American political system using Citizen United for cover:

Trump attacks Obama uranium deal:

Republicans attack Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation:

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