Top Four Nonprofit Marketing Priorities

I have spent a lot of time working with various nonprofits each with very different available "resources". Some can afford to hire an excellent outside consultant to create their marketing strategy or manage their social media. Most, however, have just a handful of staff members all working hard to grow the organization with limited time and money available to do so. I've detailed below the four most important marketing "tasks" to focus on that will bring about the greatest rewards. I hope this helps you know what to focus on while saving some time and overwhelm in the process.

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The absolute highest priority for marketing your nonprofit should be having clear goals. If you don’t have clear goals that make sense for your organization then please STOP playing around on social media! (Honestly, if you don’t have focused goals then you really are just “playing around”). Drop everything and take the time to create clear, actionable SMART goals for your marketing strategy. (In case you aren’t familiar with SMART goals, here is some great information). This free marketing plan cheat sheet also goes into more detail on goal setting.

Once you feel comfortable with your nonprofit marketing goals, choose the most important one, write it down, and keep it in front of you whenever you are doing anything marketing related. Always keep it front of mind in everything you do. Ask yourself the following questions to help keep you on track: “Does what I am posting on social media help me achieve my goals, and how? Will sending this press release get me closer to my goals, how so? Do I really need to be spending my time on this task? How is it benefitting my audience and my organization?”

Goal setting will also help you save time in your marketing by making sure that you only focus on things that will move your organization forward and directly benefit your followers, donors, and clients.

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