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Hartford Fire Department

Staying Warm & Safe In Extreme Weather

Due to the recent snow fall and cold weather, the Hartford Fire Department would like to pass along some tips for the cold and snowy weather.

As we all know we have received several inches of snow and plummeting temperatures over the last few days. After all of the plowing of streets and cleaning out of driveways most of our fire hydrants have become nearly invisible and buried in snow. As fire personnel work to clear our fire hydrants we would like to encourage our residents to adopt a near by hydrant and keep it clear for emergency responders. For those choosing to adopt a hydrant to clear please remember these safety tips: Be aware of traffic while shoveling, and be careful not to slip and fall, especially into or near the roadway. Feel free to share pictures of your adopted hydrant to our Facebook page.

Due to the sudden drop and long duration of extremely cold temperatures people within the community may choose to use space heaters for various reasons, for example, extra heat in a room, keep pipes from freezing, or in case of a power outage. Please be sure if you choose to use an electric space heater that it is UL rated and try to avoid the use of light weight extension cords. If you choose to use a space heater powered by gasoline or deisel be sure they are not used where carbon manoxide can be introduced into a living space. In the event you have to used a gas/desiel powered space heater or generator we advise these devices to be placed at least 10 feet from the residence.

Finally, if you heat your homes with devices such as pellet stoves or small suplemental heating devices that are directly vented outside please be sure to keep the vents clear of all snow. Also please remember to check exterior vents often as snow falling from roof tops can accumulate and impede ventilation.

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