Designing Your Own Cat Climbing Wall - Examples and Ideas


Do you have bored cats? Maybe ones who pick on each other or your other pets? Or who scratch up your furniture despite all the cat trees in the world?

We have one rather miserable cat out of our three. We used to live out in a more rural part of the Upper Valley and she, Leeloo, was allowed to be an indoor/outdoor cat, however, now she's not. The other cat, Pippin, who went outdoors adjusted quickly to being indoors only, and one, Solly, has always been scared of the outside.

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Leeloo, who used to get along quite well with her brothers, is now either the target of fights with Pippin or, often, the one who starts issues with the other cats or the puppy. She is also what we have dubbed an "up" cat. She likes to get up as high as she can, whereas Solly wants to get as low as he can, and Pip is happy either way. A cat tree is no longer sufficient for Leeloo, so we are looking into building a cat climbing wall. 

First, though, we looked at the incredible ones that some places have constructed and sell, and others that have been DIY to get some ideas for our own design.

Check out this astonishing set-up constructed by -

Or here is an example of a whole cat room made out of Catswall modular pieces - 
This is one that is manufactured and sold by CatastrophiCreations, but a creative crafter could indeed imitate -
Here are a few examples of easy DIY cat climbing walls-

This one is based on mostly IKEA furniture, from Buzzfeed hacks.

Straightforward step shelves up to a cat bed.

Slightly more elegant DIY cat shelves

Those are just some ideas - take a look at the web if you really want to design your own, especially if you're going to go a little crazy with it!
But, I can't end this post without sharing my favorite cat climbing wall (and there are lots of DIY instructions for this one too, or you can find it online to purchase), the Super Mario Bros Cat Climbing Wall!


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