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Some basic posting etiquette for DailyUV

Okay, maybe “etiquette” is the wrong word. Because really, we’re talking self-interest here. 

Q: Why pay attention to how you post?

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A: You’re building your presence online: steadily, creatively, and in multiple ways--posts that tell a story, posts that convey useful information, posts that give people a glimpse of who you are and what you're about. You want to get noticed, to touch people regularly, to be remembered — and to be well thought of

All of this starts with how engaging you make your post. So here are some tips:

Always make sure you use a photo. Posts that don't have them get very little traffic. Your featured image is key to stopping users in their scrolling tracks. In other words, this:

But make sure it's not just any photo. Don't choose something that's blurry or pixelated. Here's a link to a free stock photo site that might be helpful: But we do have one bit of advice: If you've got a good image of something local -- your storefront if you're a retailer, or the neighborhood you're in, or something recognizably here that speaks to what you're posting about -- that's best of all.

Oh, and don't use an image with text that tells people everything they need to know. You want them to engage with your post by clicking on it. We've found that posts using images with text don't get the click-through of posts that use plain photos.

Space your posts out. Sure, it's tempting to get everything out of the way and post your next 20 events at once. But when a pack of posts from the same organization appears together in our feed, readers tend to skip over them. So do a few at a time, over the course of a few days. You'll reach more people.

Experiment. Use us to learn how to be more effective. If you've got a DailyUV profile page, try posting at different times of day and tracking the results. Or if you're disappointed with the number of reads a post is getting, try posting again, but changing the image or sprucing up the title. Over time, users will help you figure out what works and what doesn't.


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