Cold-Weather Running Tips from the Norwich Fire Dept.

Submitted 10 months ago
With the temperatures such as they are, here are a few simple rules to keep in mind if you are going out in this weather.

If it is -30°C (-22°F) or colder, find an alternative to running outside. This could be a great day for cross-training. 

1. Wear three layers: base layer, insulating layer and windproof shell.

2. Do not expose too much skin. Keep all extremities covered, i.e., ears, hands, wrists, ankles and neck. Your respiratory area (nose and mouth) will stay warm because of the breathing business going on.

3. In the winter it’s dark, so wear reflective gear, lights and run facing the traffic in order to be more visible.

4. Run in small loops close to your home base. If you find it is getting unbearable, you will not be too far away from shelter.

5. Bring cell phone and I.D.

6. Tell someone where you are going (route map) and give that person an idea of your approximate time of arrival.

7. If you start to detect frostbite, seek shelter immediately and warm up. Do not stay out any longer.
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