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Ended February 06

Course held at Horse Meadow Senior Center in North Haverhill, NH.

More books have been written about Abraham Lincoln than any figure in world history except Jesus. And our appetite for more shows no let-up; between 2007 and 2011 over 700 more were published. What is it that so many still find so compelling in our 16th President? Lincoln endured a powerfully unique trial of personal-internal and public-political stress and pressures. He was tempted by suicide more than once. And yet he persevered to survive and save the nation in its hour of greatest peril. How? We will search for answers by learning of Lincoln the man, the human person: his uncommon vulnerabilities; his singular struggles as child, husband, father, andfriend.

We will explore his life-long battle with depression; we’ll trace his vital religious journey and quest to know the will of God as well as his courageous capacity to grieve, his remarkable ability for forgiveness, and his imperative sense of humor.

A careful consideration of Abraham Lincoln’s character can assist us in the fulfillment of our own humanity. Our classes will employ a seminar style with individual and group discussion. Some film will be included. Journal articles will be assigned before each session. Our text will be The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln by Michael Burlingame.

There will be reading materials and required texts for this course.

OSHER@Dartmouth courses require a membership. Membership cost is $70 annually.

DAVE PRUITT taught U.S. History and other subjects at Walpole High School in Massachusetts. He is an ordained minister in The United Church of Christ. He has presented programs onAbraham Lincoln for libraries in Wells River, VT and Haverhill, NH as well as at the Senior Center in North Haverhill, NH. Dave and his wife, Anna-Lisa, were re-enactors at the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s funeral this past May in Springfield, Illinois.

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