A Plea for the Polka Dot!

Honey, I'm still free. Take a chance on me!

The Polka Dot Restaurant huddles empty in the heart of downtown White River Junction like a cold, forgotten Little Match Girl. And like the Little Match Girl, I have great visions and see huge potential for the tiny building next to the train tracks.

So warm, cozy & inviting.

I live on a terrace overlooking downtown and love walking to the various shops and restaurants nearby. Whether I'm gorging at Big Fatty's (ironically at the salad bar) or sipping one of Kim's lattes while shopping at Revolution, I really enjoy our downtown's offerings. But as new construction fills in available building lots, I've (impatiently) waited for the retail block's keystone to be turned into the crown jewel. I'll know we've made it when the Polka Dot is resurrected!

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The Polka Dot could come back in different ways: as a charming greasy spoon throwback, as a hip bagel joint, or as a tiny Cambodian cafe. (I'm shooting for the moon, I know.) But my personal wish is it turns into a coffee shop / ice cream parlor. Picture it: in the winter they feature a simple menu of cronuts and café con leche, and in the summer they serve only ice cream and milkshakes. Doesn't downtown WRJ need a purveyor of ice cream? Who's with me?

I would swim laps in it if I could fit.

(photo courtesy of madridfoodtour.com)

While writing this post, I was thrilled to read in a news report yesterday that developer Mike Davidson is in talks to buy the restaurant and is looking for a tenant. Yay! Thank you, Mr. Davidson!! I've taken the liberty of putting together an idea board to inspire potential restaurateurs. I'm thinking Scandinavian Modern: whites, blues, light natural wood tones with subtle (and not so subtle) references to polka dots.

I'll barter my interior design services for a year's supply of cafés and cronuts. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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