5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Shoes

Cobblers love shoes and boots for a reason. It's a cobbler's job to appreciate all the craftsmanship, the utilitarian design, the subtle nuances. Aaaaaaand shoes look so cool!

Shoes are truly a marvel of modern engineering. We're so accustomed to slipping some wondrous mixture of leather and lace on our feet that we forget what an amazing thing shoes are. When was the last time you looked down at your favorite pair of shoes and said, "Hello there, shoes. You are truly a fine garment. Thanks for sticking with me on this journey of life."

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Check out these fascinating footwear factoids:

1) Left & Right? That's A New Thing

The first pair of left/right shoes were made in Philadelphia in 1818. They were so revolutionary and comfortable, the idea caught on quick. Now it's hard to imagine life without them. Thanks, Philly!

2) There Is a Shoe Museum

The only shoe museum in North America is located in Toronto, Ontario. This museum showcases 4,500 years of rollicking shoe history. Planning your trip now? You know you are. Here are some convenient driving directions.

3) They Got Sole

World-famous running coach Bill Bowerman was inspired by his waffle iron when he created the soles of a revolutionary pair of running shoes in Oregon in the 1960s. Track and cross country runners marveled over the traction and lightweight design. You know Bowerman's company today as Nike. Score another one for waffles!

4) Boots In Space

When Neil Armstrong took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind, he was wearing a really cool pair of moon boots. Sadly, they're still floating out in space somewhere, lost in the ether of the cosmos. (With any luck, they're on their way to Pluto, greatest former planet ever!) NASA bigwigs ordered Armstrong to discard his boots before coming back to Earth for fear of contamination.

5) Wicked Expensive Slippers

The most expensive pair of shoes ever sold was the famed pair of Ruby Slippers worn by Judy Garland in the film The Wizard of Oz. The shoes were sold at auction for $660,000 in the summer of 2000.

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