Battle of the Decor Bulge

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Anita Hamalainen

A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Approach to Shopping

The other day I read in the Valley News that HomeGoods is slated to occupy the old Shaw's grocery store in West Leb. I admit that the Maxxinista in me squealed with delight! However, the environmentally conscious minimalist in me groaned. The urge to acquire more STUFF will get that much stronger.

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Before I continue, I urge all home decor shoppers to first try area businesses like Long River Gallery in White Junction, Main Street Kitchens in Hanover, Consign & Design in West Lebanon, and my personal favorite, the Listen Center. I passionately ascribe to the philosophy: one thrifter's trash is another thrifter's treasure. I love everything about thrift store shopping, from the affordable prices to the reduce/reuse component to the important civic missions of many thrift stores. Oh, and the thrill of the hunt for something spectacular!

Macklemore shares my love of thrifting.

Returning to the issue at hand with a bittersweet sigh... a HomeGoods is coming. While I love having shopping options, what I love more is tidy, uncluttered rooms... wide open spaces with carefully curated furniture... only a few personal treasures on display... room to move and breathe... less is more!

The urge to acquire can feel irresistible. I quoted William Morris' advice in a recent Design L'UV post: to have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. To assist you in that cause, I suggest conquering the Battle of the Decor Bulge with a "Choose Your Own Adventure" approach to shopping.

1) Ask yourself: do I really love this item? If no, leave the store immediately and dance the thrifty jig for saving yourself cash. If yes, proceed to Question #2.

2) Ask yourself: do I need this item? If no, leave the store, dancing. If yes, proceed to Question #3.

3) Ask yourself: am I more attracted to the item or to the bargain basement price? You know where this is going, right? Proceed to #4.

4) Ask yourself: do I really love and/or really need this item? Honestly? Seriously, for realsies? If no, get your jig on and get out of there. If yes, buy this amazing object that will complete your soul forever and ever and proceed to Question #5.

We call him Sparkle Farts.

5) Ask yourself: what can I get rid of at home to make room for this magical, life-fulfilling possession? One of your non-functioning computer monitors? Five years of Glamour magazine issues? The spare child? (I'm just kidding, you know the child will just find his or her way home.)

We're in this battle together, and I write this post as a reminder for myself as much as advice for you, my interior design enthusiasts. Maybe together we can cherish what we have and fight the urge to fill our homes with more. Stay strong!

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