A Leaf of Hope

What's in a Leaf?

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Dave Celone

So Much More Than You Think...

A friend of mine sent me the featured image for this post, which I'll add again below for good measure. It was a message from her home in Arizona to mine in Vermont for the New Year. To my friend, the photo of this leaf embodied grace, strength, and optimism, three things she felt we'd need in 2018 to "counter the darker forces swirling about." Her email to me was titled "A more gracious new year."

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Who can differ with my friends suggestion that a more gracious new year would be a good thing for all of us, and her interpretation of the strength and balance of the leaf in photo? Surely not I. And optimism is always a beautiful trait, no matter what state we're in. In fact, a dear friend once told me that life is all about attitude, the key being that only you can change your attitude. So, it's up to each one of us to embody the optimism my friend shared, and the grace and strength we'll need to get us moving forward in this New Year. 

As you might imagine from a posting by Poetic Licence, the leaf photo just so happened to spawn a poem. It's short, so don't get alarmed. Here's the photo anew, with the poem it engendered following. This is my New Year's gift to all my readers.  Have a happy, safe, healthy, and gracious 2018 filled with the strength of optimism and leafy tenderness...

Photo by P. Metcalf, courtesy of Y. Choi.

Veins of grace

enable blood

to flow, to turn

seek love's embrace...

djc 2018


Poetic Licence is written by Dave Celone of Post Mills, VT. Dave oversees the Long River Gallery & Gifts artist collective in White River Junction, VT where more than 150 local-area artists and artisans show their work each day. To follow Poetic Licence posts, please Click Here to sign to receive an email each time Dave publishes a new piece. 

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