Re-Purposing That Christmas Tree

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s chilly out. Minus 10 degrees this morning when I got up. Not all your trees and shrubs will be amused by this weather, and some, perhaps a nice rose, will decide that living here is not worth the trouble. Since it can’t Snowbird to Florida, you‘ll be out the $25 you paid for it.

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So what can you do? Not much. In my opinion if a shrub is not suited for this climate, it is better to let it die. Some gardeners wrap trees and shrubs with burlap or special fabric. And for decades gardeners have cut the branches off their Christmas trees in January and arranged them around roses and other tender shrubs. This will break the wind that can damage the flower buds of shrubs and help to keep branches from desiccating. 

A Kousa dogwood bundled up for winter

The temperature inside a teepee of fir tree branches will be about the same as it is outside the teepee. But a good layer of snow on the branches will help. One year when we had 4 feet of snow I went down to my garden and shoveled away snow so I could get to the soil. Two inches down the soil was 34 or 35 degrees. So maybe the teepee will make a difference. And if you’re a serious gardener with nothing to do until spring, go ahead. It can’t hurt.

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