Fight for what you want!

Because sometimes you need to work a little harder to make your dreams come true.

Hello and welcome back to WRJ Tarot Musings!

I hope that everyone out there had a great holiday, whichever you chose to celebrate!

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This week we take a look at conflict, fighting, literally or metaphorically, for something, a cause or an idea perhaps?  Maybe not at an external force or circumstance, but perhaps overcoming inner conflicts. A struggle to accomplish a goal or make an idea manifest. Another major concept in this week’s reading is the gathering of strength and its direction and proper application towards one’s purposes.

For this reading, I’ve chosen the Medieval Scapini deck

First card- universe/big picture- Nine of Wands- holding strength in reserve, letting it build, patience and security.  This card can also indicate recovery from something too

Second- point of view- Five of Wands- conflict, inner or outer, but possibly meaningful in the sense of fighting to accomplish something? Not necessarily against other people, it could also indicate fighting against circumstances.  The previous card’s concept of building and/or saving strength for something may relate to this.  Let’s see where they meet

Third- the meeting point of the first two-  Empress- In the abstract, fertility, abundance. I like how in this deck the image is a take on Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Venus being the planet associated with this card, it could also represent love, emotions, or relationships of any sort. Perhaps this represents what is being fought for?

Fourth- active influences- Page of Swords  quick wit, sharp mind, pushing the boundaries of imagination in to the manifest world. Swords as the suit of the mind but also of coflict.

Fifth- passive influence-Ace of Cups Openness, happiness, fulfillment, and the suit of Cups is the suit of emotions. So far we also seem to have a theme related to emotion and reason too.

Sixth- current- Knight of Swords-a very forceful card that clears away the old to make way for something else. Some interpretations also imply that the knight also sweeps others up with him to join his mission. More swords, more conflict oriented concepts

Seventh- comment on the spread-  Queen of Cups-dreamy, imaginative, changable, also authentic in the sense of being honest and unashamed about one’s dreams. The page of swords also touched on imagination. Ideas and causes originate as such. In this space, this comes off as an important detail that needed pointing out that wasn’t covered overtly by another card yet.

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- Two of Pentacles- interesting here give themes of conflict and of two forces (emotion and reason), given that this card indicates a dynamic balance, though a precarious one, wherein if forces aren’t kept in equilibrium something could go wrong

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- Queen of Wands-strong and secure in her ability to make her will manifest, but with a risk of being overly forceful, though this is not her true nature. A theme in Wands royalty, being misperceived. Strength and security of course hearken back to the first card in this spread.

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- Six of Wands- Victory and enjoying the fruits of one’s efforts and recognition for said efforts- a very heartening card in light of the previous ones in this spread.  Also remember that this card implies that one has had help from others on the way- perhaps the ones swept up in the rush mentioned in the sixth card, the Knight of Swords?

Key card-Strength, harnessing power and directing it towards one’s purposes. This makes sense given the proliferation of wands in the reading, and the nine of wands starting off the reading, focusing will and creative energy.

We have an lot of court cards in this reading, while I normally don’t regard them as representing specific people it does make me wonder if perhaps we have a number of actual people or perhaps at least a number of personality types involved this time around.

We almost have a string of numbers going from one to six, missing the four, which represents the initial comprehensible form of the idea in question.

Four wands, lots of creativity or will, Two cups and swords, balance of emotion and reason, only one pentacle and one major, so it looks like the material and archetypal don’t play as much of a role here.

We have two Queens, Wands and Cups, creativity, will, drive, and emotion, the Queen of Cups’s dreams focused by the Queen of Wands?  This seems to fit the overall theme, especially with the Queen of Wand's position in the spread. 

WRJ Tarot Musings out. See you all next week!


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