Frustrating Experiences Everyone's Had Driving in West Leb

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Kate Bascom

1. Taking fifteen minutes to drive the one mile from Walmart to the Powerhouse Mall the week before Christmas

2. Getting angry in the left turn lane into Hannaford because the light seems to only stay green for 3 seconds.

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3. Forgetting that they built the tunnel between the Kohls Plaza and Kmart Plaza and having to endure 12A again. 

4. When you're coming out of one of the plazas without properly marked lanes and traffic lights, and there's someone attempting to make a left turn hogging up the right turn space.

5. Resisting road rage when someone blocks the intersections at Kohls Plaza, McDonald's, and Airport road.

6.When you almost get into a fender bender because someone decides to quickly brake and turn into Burger King because their Whopper urge was too strong.

7. Wondering if you're about to drown when you have to drive through Lake Weathervane.

8. When all you want to do is go straight from the Walmart Plaza to Applebees and you almost get t-boned because someone isn't paying attention to the left turn yield on green directive.

Bonus- When you're driving to West Leb on 89 South and you almost get killed by someone merging from 91 who doesn't yield.

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