Strength, Flexibility and Awareness: "Inspired by the Ido Portal Method"
Ended February 10
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Open Door
February 10
7:00 PM — 8:30 PM
Price:  Series: $125, drop in $18

This 8 week series of classes will provide tools for developing strength, flexibility, awareness and control of the body through locomotion. It will draw on Ido Portal’s locomotion system, which is based in his experience with Chinese Martial Arts, Capoeira, modern dance techniques, and acrobatics. Movement patterns taught will also be based in the natural movements of animals and primitive humans. Classes will feature prehabilitation exercises to prepare the body for movement, including mobilizations of the ankles, hips, spine, scapula and wrists, followed by lesson in locomotion and time to experiment and play. This class will also show how locomotive patterns can be combined and sequenced to produce fluid, beautiful, and highly enjoyable “floorwork,” which can also function as metabolic conditioning, or, in other words, a great workout!  

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