3 Last Minute Gifts for Gardeners

Stocking Stuffers!

Here it is, nearly Christmas. Have you contracted with Santa to fill the stockings with appropriate little treats? If not, here are some ideas for gardeners.

1.  A diamond studded sharpening tool. These are great for sharpening pruners and loppers. These use industrial diamonds (synthetic ones) imbedded in steel with a nice plastic case. Available at hardware stores or from my favorite tool business, OESCO, Inc. in Conway, Massachusetts. Click here for the website, or call 800-634-5557. About $12. They have a variety of other great tools that you might want. 

Diamond studded sharpeners, medium and fine surfaces. I like the medium texture best.

2. The new mini-CobraHead tool. I’ve long been a fan of the CobraHead, and now have the new, mini-sized one, too. People with small hands and children will find this even easier than my old standard. Available on line by clicking here, and locally at West Lebanon Supply on West Lebanon, NH. About $22.

The new mini Cobra-Head is good for smaller hands.

3.  Paperwhites. At about a dollar each, these bulbs are a joy to force in a dish with pebbles on the window sill. Buy in 3’s or 5’s for a nice display. Available at the Coop in Hanover, NH or West Lebanon Supply. The Coop even has some that are odorless for people that don’t like the strong scent of most. 

Paperwhites are cheap and easy!

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