PHOTOS: Pickup truck slides off Brownsville Road into icy brook in Hartland

Not clear yet what caused mishap

HARTLAND - The driver of a pickup truck that slid off of the Brownsville Road late Wednesday afternoon ended up overturned in the shallow but frigid water of Weed Brook until he was rescued by Hartland's first responders.

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    Vermont State Police were initially contacted by dispatchers from the "On Star" satellite service which was alerted by sensors onboard the truck which detected the crash impact shortly before 5:30 p.m.

    "The call came in as one car in the river with a patient trapped upside down," recalled Hartland Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bowers.  "When we arrived we found the individual was okay but he was staying inside his car. "

    The driver had been headed from Hartland Four Corners in the direction of Brownsville when for unknown reasons he clipped the end of the guardrails on the small bridge that crosses Weed Brook just above the Weed Road intersection.

    "We helped him extricate himself through the door," Bowers explained.  "We ended up putting a ladder down to the door and he climbed out onto it and we helped him get across the ice and then we got him up to the ambulance."

    The driver was transported by a Windsor Ambulance crew to nearby Mount Ascutney Hospital to be checked out as a precaution.

The pickup mangled the end of the guardrail on the bridge before sliding on the driver's side over the edge

Hartland Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bowers was in charge of the rescue effort

Fenders and other debris from the wreckage slid clear across the ice to the opposite bank of Weed Brook

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