Favorite Holiday Memories and Traditions Told in Pictures

Hot cocoa with mini marsh mellows

Watching the wonder of Christmas with children.  My son helped decorate the tree this year and pick out the perfect spot under the tree for each gift (he's almost 2).  He loves pointing to the ornaments and saying pretty.
Baking cookies and goodies for loved ones.  I can't wait to make cherry blossom cookies soon.
Getting together with friends and family and playing games during the holiday.  Boggle, 10 up 10 down, pass the card, 31, progressive rummy and more.  Laughter and sputtering ensue.
Celebrating the holiday with church and singing Christmas carols with zeal

Finding the gifts that honor loved ones and make them feel special.  I also enjoy giving to local charities during this season too.  I still remember making the scrapbook for my sister in law for her little one that made her cry.  I don't think I can ever top a gift like that.

What's your favorite holiday tradition or memory? Post in the comments and let's share in the joy of the season together.  Merry Christmas!

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All photos courtesy of Unsplash.

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