Holiday Craziness Creates Chaos

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As the mother of five wonderful children, ages 25 - 17, and the reluctant caretaker of a golden retriever puppy named Tucker....  I am gearing up for a hectic but fun filled Christmas and New Year's holiday.  Kids have begun coming home, dragging laundry bags overflowing with smelly work out gear and long overdue laundry...  They have happy smiles and breath sighs of relief when they finally flop onto their immaculately clean beds after being away at school or working in the Big City.  I know they relish this time to come home and really relax, play old X-Box games, cook up a storm, make a zillion chocolate chip cookies and eat late night snacks long after the hard working dishwasher has said goodnight.   

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And what is a type A mother to do???  I try to roll with it, hard as that is for me.  I know intellectually that these years are fleeting and it's really an honor to be at the helm of this brood (husband makes child #6)....  So, this year especially, I welcome boyfriends, girlfriends and extra bodies here and there and relax a little if the house looks messy and the car is filthy from dog trips into town.

After all.....there's always January to look forward to!  My post-Christmas "spring cleaning" is a beacon of light in the crazy chaos of December.  Closets will be re-organized, garage swept out, (despite re-occurHoliday Craziness Creates Chaosing storms), fridge and freezer scoured, etc.  You get the idea!   It's my therapy..  And then I will get ready for the next big visit. ....   Which I hope will be soon.


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