More alleged drug sales following on heels of November drug raid land WRJ woman in jail this time

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Search warrants executed on both sides of the Connecticut River

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A local woman who allegedly bragged to a police informant that a drug raid carried out on her house a month ago missed 1,500 bags of heroin which had been hidden at the last second underneath her bed is once again facing new drug dealing charges.

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    Angela Redmond, 44, whose house on Walsh Avenue overlooks downtown White River Junction, had pleaded innocent to three felony counts of heroin sales back in August before she was released on pre-trial conditions.

    Redmond was back in court again in mid-November following a very public search of a car on North Main Street by a half-dozen state troopers and Hartford Police officers who arrested two people for possession of crack cocaine that investigators allege was purchased at Redmond’s residence just minutes before their car was pulled over downtown.  

    The next day a contingent of detectives from the Vermont Drug Task Force executed a search warrant on Redmond’s house and ended up arresting her on a new felony charge of sale of cocaine.

    Another individual, Adam Colon, 27, of Lebanon was also arrested inside Redmond’s residence during that raid and charged with possession of heroin and cocaine.  Colon already had three outstanding felony counts alleging sale of heroin pending against him as well, although his charges had been filed down in Windham County.

    After she pleaded innocent on the afternoon of November 15th Redmond was once again released from the courthouse on a series of court-ordered pre-trial conditions, including strict restrictions as to who could come inside her house to visit her while her cases were pending.

    Detectives wrote in paperwork filed with the court that the very next day Redmond allegedly texted an individual, whom she did not realize was a police informant, and told them that the police had “missed 15 stacks of heroin” that were hidden inside her house.

    A “stack” is slang for 100 bags of heroin which are typically broken down by street level dealers and sold to users in “bundles” of ten bags apiece.

    Redmond’s text message allegedly explained that “when officers broke in through her window, `Nano’ ran into another room and gave the heroin to her husband to hide…under the bed in her room,” detectives wrote in paperwork filed with the court.

    Police wrote that “Nano” is allegedly a nickname used by Adam Colon.

    Detectives said they made arrangements for their informant to try and purchase heroin from Redmond in late November but they said she texted back allegedly saying that she had already sold out what had been left in her house before adding that “Nano” was headed to “pick up” more in a nearby city.

    The detectives wrote that the next day they were successfully able to send the informant to Redmond’s home to purchase two bundles consisting of 20 bags of heroin from her.

    The individual bags of heroin were all stamped with the street brand name “Reaper” complete with a grim reaper drawing.

    Detectives conducted another sting operation involving the same informant on December 2nd but this time they said the informant was told by Redmond to wait at her house for about a half hour while she drove over to see “Nano” and allegedly picked up two more bundles of heroin from him in order to complete the transaction.

    After that clandestine purchase was successfully completed and the informant turned over 20 more grim reaper bags to detectives, they arranged for a joint operation made up of police from both Hartford and Lebanon who executed a search warrant on Colon’s residence in Lebanon.

    Police said that raid turned up an additional 230 bags of grim reaper stamped heroin along with over $900 in cash resulting in additional charges against Colon.

Adam "Nano" Colon, 27, of Lebanon is now facing multiple drug charges in Vermont and New Hampshire

    Redmond was not re-arrested until December 7th when she was interviewed at the Hartford Police Station by a pair of detectives from the Southern Vermont Drug Task Force.

    In affidavits filed with the court, those detectives said Redmond began by telling them that “she is still currently using heroin and that she used three bags earlier in the day.”

    “Redmond advised that since the recent articles in the press about her arrest she has had a tough time locating heroin and has started traveling to Brattleboro and Springfield, Vermont (to purchase more)” on essentially a daily basis, the detectives added.

    This past week Redmond pleaded innocent to two new felony sale of heroin counts and to a total of four misdemeanor counts of violating court-ordered conditions of pre-trial release.

    Judge Robert Gerety ordered Redmond held for lack of $25,000 bail but said he would consider suspending it temporarily if Redmond is able to find a bed at a rehabilitation facility while her cases are pending.

    Redmond, whose house was previously raided back in 2014 resulting in a $200 fine for misdemeanor possession of heroin, now faces a maximum potential penalty of over 57 years in prison if she were to be convicted of all of the charges currently pending against her.

Angela Redmond, 44, was ordered held for lack of $25,000 bail at the conclusion of her arraignment this past week

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