Going Toe-to-Toe With Your Inner Scrooge

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One truth about giving is that there is always a need for more of it. Though we may wish it were otherwise, people near and far need help and assistance from other people. While it would be wonderful to live in a world where no one needed a food bank and every family had adequate shelter, we are not there yet. 

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Sometimes, these hard realities can make us skeptical that our efforts make any difference to anyone anywhere. We let our inner Scrooge take control of our thoughts, harrumphing our way around our community, convinced of the futility of it all. 

Ah, but the Upper Valley has the antidote to that type of attitude. Santa sitings, holiday markets, volunteers flooding a patch of ground to make a community skating rink. A man holding the door for a woman or vice versa. Watching someone help a neighbor across a patch of icy sidewalk, or witnessing someone drop a quarter into an expired meter in front of a stranger's car...these are the little things that make the region tick. But that spirit is alive all year round. Whether it is October, June, or April, people in this area know how to give and give creatively.

The 19 Days of Norwich and Beyond channels and focuses that attitude. This morning, Mascoma Bank employees welcomed all comers to the Grange in Norwich for a pancake breakfast to benefit the Haven. Yesterday, a couple of beauticians raised tens of thousands of dollars for the same cause...all while laughing so much that one couldn’t help but have ones spirits boosted. Tomorrow, you can pet animals and raise funds as part of the 19 Days of Norwich and Beyond. And in Lyme, Hanover, White River, and Norwich, dozens of businesses boast the little golden sign, letting you know that when you shop local during these few weeks, part of your effort goes to help someone else who needs it now. 

See you later, Ebenezer. 

Tomorrow, we head to the petting zoo...

19-6=3 to go!

Daily Reminders:

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, all 19 Days donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $125,000. Make sure to label your donation as "19 Days" in order to get the matching funds.

For the 19 Days Pet Contest, click here.

For the 19 Days Auction, click here.

To make a donation directly to the Haven, click here.

For background on the 19 Days, click here.

N.B. We are using Dan & Whit's as the umbrella posting organization, but the stories will come from all over the area. For a list of participating businesses and organizations, click here


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