The creative process and plateaus

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Paul B.T. Hyson

We all have our ups and downs

Hello and welcome back!

This week's reading has some similarities to last week's, which I find interesting. Perhaps the matters addressed in last week's reading are continuing in to this week, or perhaps it's simply a similar concept but from a different viewpoint. Regardless, perhaps this week we can find more insights.

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This time around, I'm using the Awakening deck, another deck where each suit was done by a different artist. I'm also taking a slightly different approach, less linear, more intuitive, in my interpretation, in an effort to shed more light on the similarities.

First card- universe/big picture- The Moon. Dreams, imagination, the subconscious, but do we have things emerging from there in to our everyday consciousness, or is something sinking in to it, and to what end? Is it sinking and getting lost, or is it a seed that will bear something new once the time becomes right?

Second- point of view -Five of Cups, disillusionment. Illusions fit in with the previous card's nature. Loss of illusions? Or becoming disillusioned with something in our lives? Let's see what the next card can tell us?

Third- the meeting point of the first two- Ten of Wands. Have we taken on more than we can handle, perhaps feeling trapped by it, leading to the disillusionment? Or perhaps we've accepted something that we thought was good but has become a burden? One important thing to keep in mind regarding this card is that the condition is self-created, and therein lies the means to overcome it. Are these stances simply a reflection of our current mood or attitude?

Fourth- active influences- Ace of Wands. The beginning of something of a creative nature, a new idea. This fits in with the imaginative nature of the first card. The next card should provide us with more information here

Fifth- passive influence- Ten of Swords. Essentially a smaller scale version of the Death card from the majors, this still implies the ending of something, to make room for something else. My impression links this with feelings associated with the second and third cards. While the overall influence may be linked with a creative concept, one may have had a lot of initial enthusiasm but now feels like one has plateaued and possibly now feels like the matter has become a burden.

Sixth- current- Nine of Wands- patience is important in such matters, bearing with everything at this point in the process, allowing one's reserves of strength and willpower to replenish, trying to remain strong in the face of a daunting situation.

Seventh- comment on the spread- Knight of Pentacles. An active member of a material suit, the hard working knight is dynamic but within a set of limits. Perhaps these perceived limits, from within or without, are the cause of the issues depicted in this spread?

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- Four of Pentacles. Holding on to something, avoiding risk. Could this also tie in with what we have going on in the second, third, and fifth cards? Feeling trapped in the third, perhaps the fifth representing concerns related to the trapped feeling?

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- King of Wands- master of the suit, I see this as definitely tied in with the ace, and perhaps therefore by extension with the first card. The King is a powerful figure, like all of the kings, and this one is the master of the suit of the creative, but, also like the other kings, suffers a limit connected with his power, in this case, he can be ruled by it rather than ruling it. Complications of the creative.

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- Wheel of Fortune. Chance, fate, luck, recurring cycles, returning forces, the wheel has its ups and downs, few rides on it are entirely smooth.  It can help to keep this in mind.

Our key card, strangely enough, is Death, connected with the concepts addressed in the fifth card in this spread, clearing something away to make way for something new. Blockage and creativity defines this spread.

Four of our cards in this spread come from the suit of Wands, further underlining the theme of creativity.  We have two cups (emotion) and two pentacles (material), the most concrete of the suits. Cups and Swords, emotion and reason, are represented by one card each. 

Just remember that third card, and the lesson of the tenth, keep that in mind and you've got this. 

WRJ Tarot Musings out.  See you all next week!


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