Small Town, Big Art: Telling The Upper Valley’s Story

This story is about us, we who live here in Vermont and New Hampshire.

A few months ago, I saw that the Woven Tale Press, an art and literary magazine, was looking for Art Correspondents—a few people across the country who would scout their local arts scenes and report in on the best of the art exhibitions they had viewed each season.

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It’s a new idea for the magazine, and I noticed that other correspondents were from urban areas. I thought that left a lot of territory, more rural in nature, out of the discussion. I voiced that concern to the Woven Tale Press and asked them to consider me for one of the positions, promising that the Twin States were full of culture, museums, galleries, and public art. And that is how I came to be an Art Correspondent for the Woven Tale Press.

This is my first “Art Round Up” of just some of the more memorable exhibitions I saw over the past three months, not in New York, or Boston, but right here, in and around the Upper Valley. I am proud of this piece. I hope you will read it, (see link above) and share in the wonder of the vibrant art in our communities.

(Photo by Colleen Bozuwa)


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