Vintage post-and-beam restaurant home to friendly spirits?

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A tale of two ghosts at Olde Village Haunt restaurant in Plainfield

In March 2015, Priscilla and Robert Wheeler purchased the Olde Village Haunt Restaurant on Route 12A in Plainfield, New Hampshire, while suspecting they might have a pair of "live-in" ghosts on their hands.

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A woman in a white Victorian-era dress, who is believed to inhabit the second floor, has made several appearances throughout the historic post-and-beam restaurant, built around 1830 as a private residence. The Wheelers say her name is Alice.

Downstairs, in the basement section, a male ghost known affectionately as Bill has made his presence known to family members and employees, the Wheelers say.

The basement is where a friendly ghost named Bill likes to "mess" with visitors, Priscilla Wheeler says

Priscilla Wheeler says a number of psychic mediums from Rhode Island recently visited the former homestead and felt Alice's energy in the dining room area. The spirits like to "mess" with all things mechanical, like clocks, radios, and cell phones, their batteries draining quickly if the ghosts are in the vicinity, Wheeler adds.

Priscilla Wheeler says a ghost named Alice has made the hardwood upstairs her permanent home

At one time or another "everybody in the kitchen" has expierienced something unusual -- when the kitchen door swings open all by itself, for example.

The remodeled dining room area, where at least one ghost likes to hang out

"They thought it was me but there was nobody there," Wheeler says. "My daughter has had somebody [unseen] touch her. We've had different mediums here who have sensed [Alice]. I had one customer who saw her."

It took the Wheelers three years to complete renovations before the Olde Village Haunt Restaurant was ready to open on Friday the 13th in November 2015.

Many of the early 19th century homestead's interior details have been preserved including the original posts and beams. Added were the beautiful hardwood floors, walls, and bar area.

Priscilla Wheeler feels "good energy" throughout the restaurant. She says the spirits aren't malicious in any way.

Her husband, Robert Wheeler, remembers trying to get his work done during renovations -- it was strange at times, to say the least.

"One day I was upstairs, prepping vinyl. There was nobody else here, and the place was quiet. I figured, what a great time to meditate," Wheeler says.

Robert Wheeler, co-owner of Olde Village Haunt restaurant in Plainfield, enjoys a cup of coffee Gracie, an 11-year-old yellow lab

While trying to relax Wheeler noticed loud creaking sounds moving along the floorboards, like footsteps. When there "got to be too many of them and they were getting closer," Wheeler got up and said, "Oh, that's enough."

On other occasions the Wheelers' bookkeeper has reported hearing strange footsteps when she's working alone upstairs in the office.

Priscilla Wheeler said one time her brother saw a dark figure as it darted past a window from the outside. He then realized the person would have had to be at least eight feet tall just to reach the windowsill.

Sometimes, the Wheelers' yellow lab, Gracie, will become agitated for no reason at all and start barking at nothing in particular inside the restaurant.

"I've probably seen something and didn't realize it. It's very subtle. It's not in your face," Wheeler said.

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