The Facebook Post that Made me Teary Eyed: The True Meaning of Christmas

It started with a teen asking for a Christmas tree for his family.  That was all.  

The Facebook community knew this teen, who had organized events to help local charities and offered his services to help locals shovel their driveways.  

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People rallied around the teen and a flood of offers came his way.

He could cut a tree from someone's yard.  Someone had Charlie Brown trees.  Another offered a tree with some lights.  Even a white tree was in the mix.  

I was really moved by the person who offered to take the teen to get a tree (because transportation was an issue for the teen) and someone else who offered to drop off a tree.  

It didn't end there.  

The kindness kept coming.  Multiple people wanted to know what his younger siblings needed for Christmas.  The teen was humble: just a tree and a visit from Santa.  

I was so happy to see a teen who had given so much was so supported by the community he lived in.

While helping others is something we can strive for year round, sometimes we get busy and need a bit of inspiration.  This post moved me; it exemplified the true meaning of Christmas: kindness and selfless giving.  May we all strive to help those around us and make people's holiday a little bit sweeter.

Merry Christmas.


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