The Season of Giving Includes Cheerios

On Monday, a sign caught an eye in the Upper Valley. It said, "The season of giving." What does that mean? Here in a smattering of communities that are unique to one another but bound by so much that brings them together, it can mean anything. 

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Also on Monday, there was physical proof of giving: boxes of cereal. Naturally, they were in the Norwich Public Library, part of the 19 Days of Norwich and Beyond.

"Aw, it only takes a second," a skeptic might say. But think about what needs to happen for a single box to arrive there: one needs to know that the Library is collecting this exact product. Then remember to purchase the cereal with an eye towards donating it. Then physically go to the library. Then locate the place to put it. And, quietly, acknowledge that you will get no credit, no fame, no recognition. You will just have a beautiful feeling in the season of giving.

No matter what you are doing out there at this time of year, it is making a difference.

N.B. Due to a scheduling irregularity, the promised international flavor was unable to be delivered. Fear not, there will be a full 19 posts for 19 days!

Tomorrow, we'll see what snow has to say about the 19 Days...

19-11=8 to go!

Daily Reminders:

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, all 19 Days donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $125,000. Make sure to label your donation as "19 Days" in order to get the matching funds.

For the 19 Days Pet Contest, click here.

For the 19 Days Auction, click here.

To make a donation directly to the Haven, click here.

For background on the 19 Days, click here.

N.B. We are using Dan & Whit's as the umbrella posting organization, but the stories will come from all over the area. For a list of participating businesses and organizations, click here


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