Register Now: Lessons From a Lifetime of Expeditions Course
Ended February 05
February 05
9:30 PM — 11:30 PM
Price:  $80

Three thousand nights camped in the woods and on mountains with family, friends, and students have taught us invaluable lessons about different cultures and great places on this planet.

But visiting exotic and remote environments has be­come commonplace. Over 300,000 trekkers invading the mountains of Nepal annually, for example, has changed the way of life for indigenous people. In this course, we’ll take a look at impacts on people and environment result­ing from the steady stream of “People, coming, coming…” – as the title of a book about Nepal suggests.

Among the visitors, who are the takers and who are the givers? What does “sustainable” mean in terms of ef­fects on villages, their inhabitants, mountain forests and streams, the pathways, and even mountains themselves?

We’ll bring experiences gained from expeditions to, among other places, British Columbia, Russia, Bhu­tan, Tibet, and China; work with five Outward Bound schools; and serving on the boards of NOLS, Central Asia Institute, and the American Alpine Club. We’ll go beyond mission, goals, and curricula to examine the edu­cational and spiritual value of adventure and exploration.

We hope participants will share their experiences so we may focus on collective reflection, learning, and chal­lenge as we pose some essential questions.

JED WILLIAMSON is President Emeritus of Ster­ling College and former faculty member at UNH. He is a practitioner and consultant in education and outdoor pursuits. He compiled Accreditation Standards for Ad­venture Programs and was Editor of Accidents in North American Mountaineering.

PERRY FORBES WILLIAMSON had her own pot­tery studio for many years and is now a watercolor painter. She was the first woman instructor at Hurricane Island OB School. She became interested in fundraising and served as Director of Development at Sterling College.

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