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A conversation with Karen Gray, Registered Nurse, Certified Hypnotist, and Director of Green Mountain Hypnosis

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

Karen Gray CH, RN

Since I run a client-centered hypnosis practice, I start by talking with my clients about what their goals are, and what they feel is holding them back. From the information I get in this intake process, I can design a plan to meet their individual needs.

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There are different approaches, depending on what the underlying problem is, and almost all of my clients are holding on to some "baggage" that they don't need to carry. I start by teaching them how to use abdominal breathing as a means of instant stress relief, and go on to the hypnotic induction. In that first session, we tend to work on stress relief, releasing negative emotional baggage, and ego-strengthening.​ In the subsequent sessions, we work to reinforce the changes from the last session, and continue to progress toward their goal. In this way, each session builds on the last.

I often use direct suggestion, NLP techniques such as altering modalities, re-framing their experience, direct line transformation, passive suggestion, empowerment techniques, and visualization. Again - it all depends on what the client's specific goals and needs are, and what techniques they respond best to.

I also teach all of my clients how to use self-hypnosis, which they can use to reinforce the changes they are seeing me for, or to make other changes for themselves in the future. In addition, each of my clients receives at least one audio hypnosis program, a short recording that brings the client into hypnosis, gives affirming suggestions based on their goals, and emerges them from hypnosis.

I offer 3 types of packages to my clients: 

Hypnosis for Change -  These multi-session packages are designed for those who want to eliminate unwanted habits, behaviors, and fears. They are geared for the rapid and lasting resolution of a specific issue. These packages begin with a minimum of three sessions and include audio hypnosis programs and self hypnosis instruction.

Life Coaching Hypnosis - These long-term packages are for those who want to amplify their lives - propelling themselves to the next level both personally and professionally. These sessions are designed to increase performance and self-efficacy in your career. Life coaching packages include up to a dozen sessions over a longer period of time, and include audio hypnosis programs and self hypnosis instruction.

Mental Spa Experience - Individual Mental Spa sessions are intensely relaxing and are designed to provide deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Each unique and powerful hour-long hypnosis session is specially designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, leaving you with a profound sense of calmness and renewed focus, feeling stress free, and as though you have just had a full night’s sleep.
Our hypnosis practitioners have advanced training in Hypnosis for Pain Management, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, PTSD and Hypnosis, and Hypnosis for Anxiety relief. 

For more information, visit us at www.GreenMountainHypnosis.com


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