Startup life: 6 questions for DailyUV's movie star

This is looking death in the eye, that's what this is.

Even though we’re officially into December, here at DailyUV we’re still buzzing about our social media manager turned Halloween movie star Jennifer Sensenich. As a favor to her brother-in-law, Jennifer played a role in You Can Never Go Back, a film made for CATV’s annual horror movie contest. And she won best actor!

Jennifer, tell us about your character in the movie.

I play a woman in her early twenties who is a tad unhinged once her older boyfriend leaves her. I wear cowboy boots, drive a truck … you could say I play a tough chick. Also *spoiler alert* she is capable of MURDER. 

Ummm. All this time we thought you were nice!

I swear I am! It was just a role! 

Is there a way readers can see your portrayal online? The lines at the theaters are still so long.

Yep - you can check out my “killer” role here. (Yes, pun very much intended.)


Please compare working with a director to working with Facebook. That’s still your day job, right?

For now ... yes. I’m just a lowly social media manager. Let’s see - well, since the director is my brother-in-law it was super fun! He had the big picture in his head of what everything was supposed to look like and all I had to do was stand where I was told and remember my lines.

Facebook on the other hand is constantly changing and it’s up to me to re-learn Facebook business everyday. Tech is always changing and it’s my job to stay on top of it! Also, figuring out DailyUV’s “big picture” so to say on social media is a lot of work ... it’s a full-time job. 

Although I love the job it was nice to be out in the fresh air, stunt driving a truck and pretending I was a movie star. A girl’s gotta dream. 

How has becoming a movie celebrity changed your life?

My partner is a little more terrified of me these days. 

When Eddie Redmayne calls to offer you a co-starring role in his next film, can you get me a gig on the set as a key grip? Not just a grip. A key grip.

IN MY DREAMS. But, yes of course - gladly! Craft services here we come!!

When you're a celebrity movie star, you get used to handing out signed DailyUV business cards to your fans.


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