Will Your Mower or Tiller Start Easily in the Spring?

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Henry Homeyer

Here’s What You Can Do Now!

In general, I hate things with motors. They're noisy, and hard to start. Small engines, anyway. It’s usually a struggle to get my mower going in the spring after a long winter. But my mechanic, Claude Young at the Meriden Garage, taught me what to do: add gas stabilizer to the gas. That prevents it from clogging up the carburetor and other delicate parts. Now is the time to act, if you haven’t already.

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Most gas stations or mechanics will sell you a gas stabilizer. The one I use is called Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer. It uses 2 ounces for 5 gallons of gas, and says it works in all kinds of engines, both 2-cycle and 4-cycle. So it will work in your chain saw, as well as your lawn mower.  An 8-ounce container costs around $10. 

This stuff really works.

I recently drained the gas from my rototiller, a little Mantis, and filled it with gas containing stabilizer. Then I let it run for 5 minutes to replaceany of the old gas left in it. I previously had run my lawn mowers dry, and filled them with “good gas”.

This should stsart right up in the spring.

So on the next nice day I suggest you do the same. Run your engines dry or drain them, and add gas with stabilizer. I did this last year, and it really made a difference. Do it, and you’ll bless me in the spring! 

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