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Paul B.T. Hyson

Hello and welcome back to WRJ Tarot Musings!

Have you ever tried to develop a new skill or other ability and had trouble just getting started? Or reached a point where you don't seem to make any more progress? We all probably have. I know I've been working on a few things myself and have hit some plateaus here and there lately. That's what this week's reading is about, so let's take a look at what the cards can tell us about it, shall we?

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For this week's reading  I've decided to use the Alice in Wonderland tarot.

First card- universe/big picture- Seven of Wands- honing skills, self-perfection

Second- point of view 4 of cups- focusing too much on the empty cups, not on the full cup being offered- perhaps this indicates an obstacle in the development represented by the first card?

Third- the meeting point of the first two- Moon- a card with two possible interpretations, both relevant to the previous two cards. In the context of the majors, the Moon represents the emerging after the dark phase of the Tower, but with the implication of possible sinking in to subjective madness in addition to emerging to move on to the light of the Sun, the next card in the majors. This hinges on the previous card- stuck on the empties, or turn to see the full cup, and then moving on from there?

Fourth- active influences- Six of Cups- staying true to one's self regardless of one's surrounding influences,

Fifth- passive influence- Eight of Cups- distilling everything down to the essential essence, leaving the excess behind

Both of these can be relevant to the first card in the reading

Sixth- current-Hanged Man- stepping out of the situation and taking a rest to get out of your head and renew perspective

Seventh- comment on the spread-Six of Swords - a transition, possibly a challenging one. This seems to play on implications of several previous cards. Sometimes learning something had its rough patches.

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation-Page of Swords- pushing the imagination in to reality and reinforcing its manifestation

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- Ten of Wands- trapped, burdened, but the force holding one down is of one's own creation- to realize that is the first step in overcoming it. I can see this as playing on the fifth card, the excess left behind, and possibly also implied as the hindering force in the second card too.

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth-Nine of Wands. Persistence fueled by authenticity and confidence in one's strength and abilities, definitely playing off of the fourth card here.

Let's break the spread down now and see what else we can get here.

Two sixes- balance, though too perfect of a balance can lead to stagnation. Full string of numbers from six to ten, giving a concept coming in to initial comprehensible form to manifestation, which could definitely refer to the process of developing a skill or ability.

Three Wands and three Cups, creativity and reason in balance, two swords and majors, reason and spirit, no pentacles, though, so manifestation isn't a factor yet.

The key card for this reading is Strength- not brute force, but harnessing one's energies towards one's ends and aligning with one's will to accomplish one's goals. An encouraging card to have come up for this reading- you can do it!

See you all next week! WRJ Tarot Musings out.

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