Sidewalk Repairs More Costly Than Anticipated

Before voting to take over the Norwich Fire District sidewalks, the Selectboard’s working assumption was that a $4,000 increase in reserves to $14,000 per year would suffice. That is not sufficient in light of the condition of Town and NFD sidewalks, according to the memorandum dated November 21 from the DPW Director in the Selectboard packet for December 6. The document proposes “funding the Designated Fund-sidewalks at $14,000 for fiscal year 2018/2019 and then start funding it at $25,000 starting in 2019/2020.”

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The memorandum indicates that over $39,000 in materials will be needed in 2018 to repair the “three Fire District sidewalks that are in the worst condition.” In addition, over $120,000 will be needed to repair Town sidewalks in fair to poor condition from 2019 to 2023. 

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