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Katie Donovan

Yankee swap ideas. You know, those gifts you want to get something cute but run out of ideas besides chocolate...hm how about some local chocolate or homemade cookies from one of the local bakers.  Guess I just added some more ideas to this post...

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Book lover.  There are plenty of great book shops in the area to get your loved one a gift certificate to or pick up a book they're been talking about.  Want to get them a book you think they'll like, best sellers lists and top recommendations on Good Reads are a good place to start and pick a genre they like.

Unique clothing finds.  I like to shop local whenever I can.  These local clothing shops are a good place to do that.  You can also go on a clothing adventure with your friend or loved one and stop by the Pink Alligator in Hanover or Listen if you want really good deals on items people no longer want.  

Teens and kids.  Sometimes teens and kids can be hard to shop for.  Here are some ideas if you need some inspiration: local shops and gift ideas and gift ideas you can get locally and online.  

Cook or Foodie.  This is me.  I'm both.  Here's where I love to shop.  I already have Infuse Me, Blake Hill, and Lindt (I know not locally owned), on my list for this year.  There are also gift giving guides on the link too you can use for house warming or a yankee swap.

Shop local challenge. Take the shop local challenge this year.  Try to shop at local businesses this holiday season when you can.  I know - I love Kohl's too.  I also like to support local businesses and I'm going to do my best this year to give gifts from locally owned businesses, starting with my Yankee Swap gift this year.  

Where's your favorite local store? Gift recommendations for people?

Happy Shopping.


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